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Founded in 2008, ReThink Advisors works with universities, cities, urban anchor institutions and foundations to drive the development of successful people-centric districts and campuses as well as provide strategy and oversight for complex capital and urban development projects. The ReThink Advisors team brings expertise in strategy, planning, architecture, urban design, sustainability, infrastructure planning, fiscal operations, community engagement, banking and finance, public policy and governance.

Rethink Advisors uses the EcoDistricts Protocol, a standard for district and neighborhood-scale sustainable development developed by EcoDistricts™, to underpin our strategy work. The EcoDistricts approach is a new model of public-private partnership that emphasizes innovation and deployment of district-scale best practices to create the neighborhoods of the future - resilient, vibrant, resource efficient and just. We deepen and broaden stakeholder engagement while fostering cross sector and inter-jurisdictional cooperation.

US cities and suburbs as well as the districts and campuses within them, need to transition from 20th century socially and politically unstable economies to economies based on equity, resilience and climate protection and powered by next generation technologies to allow citizens to survive and thrive – each in its own unique way -- in the 21st century. Too many economic development plans are just that, simple plans. Project planning, especially done as one-off projects, is valuable but not where real and sustainable transition planning happens. Cities and urban neighborhoods need comprehensive and farsighted strategic planning not merely nearsighted tactical policies. Collaboration and trust between all stakeholders -- community residents, institutions, businesses, and government -- is critical for setting a framework for investment in sustainable growth in the district: to provide opportunity for all, to protect the most vulnerable and to protect the planet. ReThink Advisors is uniquely situated to guide districts, cities and regions toward the necessary transition to revitalization.

Why engage ReThink Advisors?

With ReThink Advisors, your organization enjoys the 100% attention of the company President – there is no delegation to less experienced assistants here – standing guard over your budget and schedule every day thereby increasing the odds of your project’s success. We become your organization’s eyes and ears, a true intermediary, adopting your point of view at all times. ReThink Advisors provides you, your Board and your staff with a stable platform for effective, timely, disciplined decision making, allowing you to focus on your organization’s mission.